Since its beginning in 1986, Cook Electrical has been defined by our commitment to providing clients with the highest level of electrical services in the industry. The proven expertise of our dedicated employees, from the Journeyman in the field to the Senior Project Manager, is why our clients rely on us to produce results.

Cook Electrical is a leader throughout the Northeast Florida region in commercial and industrial installation. "We can do it all," says Senior Project Manager Larry Blount. "We make our services turnkey for our clients, from new installation and maintenance to telecommunication fiber optic networks. We are a full-service company, providing quality work that we stand behind."

As technology has changed, so has Cook Electrical by expanding our staff in the technology and commercial markets. Incorporating employees who have the desired technological expertise allows us to provide clients with the highest quality, most up to date level of technical knowledge in the workplace today. As a Jacksonville-based company, Cook Electrical attracts highly-trained professionals who want to be a part of a rapidly growing business center. We strongly believe in Jacksonville and its potential, and we are committed to serving the community.