Paul Cook
Founder and CFO

When he began his career in the electrical field as an apprentice, Paul knew he wanted to build a career that he could be proud of. Forty years later, Cook Electrical, Inc. is a leader in the electrical industry in Northeast Florida, providing clients with the highest standard of quality installation with an attention to detail that Paul applied to himself in the early days.

"The primary force of our business is integrity," says Paul. "My basic belief, and the premise for everything I do, is my faith. It's the premise on which to build the business, it's why we do what we do."

Once he achieved his Master Journeyman certification, it was a natural evolution to create his own company. Paul set out to provide quality commercial and industrial electrical services to his prospective clients. "I felt like I could offer something to people that other contractors weren't offering: a great product for a reasonable price, and standing behind that philosophy. We believe that you do the job and you do it right." Within the first year, Cook Electrical grew as Paul worked with an eye toward the future, anticipating the demands that came with the growth of industry in Jacksonville.

As Cook Electrical grew, Paul continued to expand his expertise, achieving the highest level of certification, State Master Electrician. As the senior member of the company's leadership team, Paul sets an example of excellence and dedication. The combination of his professional expertise and heartfelt commitment to providing the best service for clients is the company's blueprint for success. " Business is like life," he says. "It's more about leaving a legacy, a lasting impression. Shouldn't a company do that, too?"

Larry Blount
Senior Project Manager

Managing the overall business of Cook Electrical is a big job, and Larry is up to the task. As Senior Project Manager, he oversees the day to day management and growth of the company, from small job maintenance to new client acquisition to creating future growth potential. Despite his busy schedule, Larry is readily available and eager to serve Cook Electrical's clients and employees. "We have an open door policy here," he says. "We depend on feedback from the associates in the field in assessing the job and servicing our clients."

A Jacksonville native, Larry began as an Electrical Helper with Cook Electrical in 1986 and has steadily risen through the company, from Journeyman, to Journeyman Foreman to Superintendent to Project Manager, to Senior Project Manager. He is proud of the company's growth through the years and points to their high standards of quality as the key to Cook Electrical's outstanding reputation. "We provide honest service, quality work and we stand behind our work," he says.

The company philosophy of integrity and service is the foundation of Cook Electrical, says Larry, citing long-term client retention as just one example of the company's success. "We consider ourselves to be the benchmark in the local business community. We don't take shortcuts in our work, and it shows. We do the job and we do it right; we don't sacrifice quality for profit."